green [grēn]
[ME grene < OE, akin to Ger grün, Du groen: for IE base see GROW]
1. of the color that is characteristic of growing grass
a) overspread with or characterized by green plants or foliage [a green field]
b) made of green-leaved vegetables [green salad]
3. keeping the green grass of summer; without snow; mild [a green December]
4. sickly or bilious, as from illness, fear, etc.
a) flourishing; active [to keep someone's memory green]
b) of the time of one's youth [the green years]
6. not mature; unripe [green bananas]
7. not trained; inexperienced
8. easily led or deceived; simple; naive
9. not dried, seasoned, or cured; unprocessed [green lumber]
10. fresh; new
a) [often G-] of, relating to, or advocating ecological awareness, the preservation of natural resources, etc. [green politics]
b) [usually G-] designating or of a political party or movement having these goalsdesignating or of a political party or movement having these goals
12. [see GREEN-EYED] Informal jealous
1. the color of growing grass; any color between blue and yellow in the spectrum: green can be produced by blending blue and yellow pigments
2. any green pigment or dye
3. anything colored green, as clothing
4. [pl.] green leaves, branches, etc., used for ornamentation
5. [pl.] green leafy plants or vegetables eaten cooked or raw, as spinach, lettuce, etc.
6. an area of smooth turf set aside for special purposes [a village green]
7. [usually G-] an environmentalist; specif., a member of an environmentalist political party
8. Slang money, esp. paper money: chiefly in long green and folding green
9. Golf the plot of carefully tended turf immediately surrounding each of the holes to facilitate putting
vt., vi.
to make or become green
green with envy
very envious

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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